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Small Paw Cake - 4 inches - Starts at ₱290


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Choose from any of our flavors, and select a frosting color that suits the party's theme. You can optionally add a custom pet portrait and name (limited to 1 name per cake only).

    Storage Instructions
    Cakes & Muffins
    • Cakes may be kept in the fridge for 3 to 4 days.
    • Refrigerating the cakes may dry the frosting and cause some cracks on the frosting.
    • Storing the cakes in an airtight container prior to refrigerating or freezing may lessen the dryness of the frosting and will help avoid frosting cracks.
    • Avoid molds and spoilage of cake by making sure that the cake has cooled off prior to refrigerating.
    • Avoid leaving cakes, cupcakes, and other frosted products outside the refrigerator for too long.
    • For parties that will be held outdoors make sure to put the cakes in a cooler.
    • Clients who will be traveling with the cakes should store it in a cooler
    • If the client won’t be able to store the cake in a cooler while in transit, or a refrigerator (at home or office), we highly recommend that they have their pets consume the cakes and cupcakes within the day.

    Biscuits & Jerkies
    • Our dehydrated treats and biscuits are vacuum sealed and has desiccants, it can be stored in a cool dry place for 1 month.
    • Refrigerate the treats after opening to preserve freshness.
    • Biscuits and dehydrated treats may be stored in the fridge for 4 to 6 months
    Our cakes and treats are all vegetable and meat-based. Everything is human-grade and carefully selected to make sure that everything is safe for pets and has health benefits. We do not use artificial flavor and colorings. We do not use fondant for our 3D and novelty cakes.
    It is the client’s responsibility to inform us about their pet’s allergies and health conditions. We will not be liable for any health issues that may occur should the client fail to inform us about their pet’s allergies and special health condition.

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